Single Monitor Arm C-Clamp

Free up your desk space with Infinite Articulating Monitor
Arm! The Infinite Arm for PC easily mounts to any standard
desk allowing you to free up valuable desk space. We can
provide you with everything you need to get the arm
installed. Give your monitor the versatility it needs and
it deserves to be able to move freely in your workspace.

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Fully Modular
Being Modular helps you
to customize the monitor
arm perfectly to your needs.

Two, Three, Four, Laptop, Tablet
Our monitor arms are designed to
meet any needs you have, in any

Wide range of movement
Easily adjustable for any
configuration of monitor
arms, be it standing or sitting

Quick release design
Installation can never be easier.
Simply clip on the modular
parts you need and its done!

Workplace Ergonomics
Maximize efficiency in the
workplace without affecting
the human well-being and health.

High Quality Aluminium
Built with high grade aluminium,
you can be assured that our monitor
arms will last for a long time.